Li Ka-shing sells Shanghai property again

Li Ka-shing sells Shanghai property again
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Li Ka-shing sells Shanghai property again, and the receiver is the real richest woman, with 80 billion real estate in Hong Kong

Li Ka-shing recently sold another mainland asset. This time, Li Ka-shing sold Shanghai Century Plaza in the Jing’an District of Shanghai. This project was bought by Li Ka-shing in 2005 and has not been opened for the past 16 years. The project has now been completed. Li Ka-shing’s company holds a 60% stake in this project.

The price of Li Ka-shing’s sale this time is around 4 billion, and Li Ka-shing can cash out more than 2 billion. In the past eight years, Li Ka-shing has sold 117.8 billion real estate assets in China. So this time Li Ka-shing sold, many people are not surprised. Last year, Li Ka-shing caused controversy over the sale of the Chengdu Nancheng Metropolitan Commercial and Residential Project. In fact, such disputes are almost accompanied by Li Ka-shing’s every asset sale.

The rich man who took over the Li Ka-shing project this time is very, very worthy of attention. This person is Hong Kong’s invisible richest woman, Li Lu Yanqun. Li Lu Yanqun is known as Mrs. Xiaohe in Hong Kong. Li Lu Yanqun was born in 1925 and is 96 years old this year. Li Lu Yanqun is still very good now.

Li Lu Yanqun’s life can be said to be very exciting. Li Lu Yanqun’s husband, Li Xiaohe, is Hong Kong’s richest man, and the Li family is also Hong Kong’s old and top wealthy. Li Lu Yanqun himself was born in a wealthy family, and had studied abroad many years ago.

Li Lu Yanqun can be said to be a real celebrity. Li Lu Yanqun is 96 years old, but she is still very well maintained. She always wears a Chinese cheongsam, with gold wire glasses frames, and her temperament can be said to be very good.

Li Lu Yanqun can be said to be the real richest woman. She controls 80 billion real estate in Hong Kong alone. Li Lu Yanqun is the largest landlord in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Many shops, office buildings, and shopping malls in Causeway Bay are the assets of Li Lu Yanqun. Lee Gardens, Lee Theatre, Hysan Avenue and other properties are her assets. She can collect more than 2 billion rents through these assets a year.

In addition, Shanghai’s famous Plaza 66, this high-end shopping mall in Xujiahui, Shanghai is also beneficial to Lu Yanqun’s shares. This project was developed jointly by Li Lu Yanqun and Chen Qizong. The current project’s annual rental income exceeds 2 billion.

Li Lu Yanqun has a long history of cooperation with Li Ka-shing. Li Lu Yanqun is actually one of the shareholders of Li Ka-shing Changhe. In addition, in the early 1990s, Zhou Kaixuan returned to Hong Kong with the land of Beijing Oriental Plaza. At that time, through the Dong family relationship, Zhou Kaixuan found Li Lu Yanqun and Li Ka-shing.

At first, Li Lu Yanqun and Li Ka-shing both decided to invest. But then Li Lu Yanqun withdrew, so Li Ka-shing invested by himself. Later, this project became Li Ka-shing’s benchmark project in the Mainland. Although this cooperation was not successful, it can be seen that the relationship between Li Lu Yanqun and Li Ka-shing is not simple.

Li Lu Yanqun’s husband, Li Xiaohe, passed away many years ago. After the death of her husband, Li Lu Yanqun managed the Li family’s business alone. Li Lu Yanqun is not a business woman in the traditional sense. She did not rush to the stage by herself. She sold many of her husband’s assets, including soda companies.

Subsequently, Li Lu Yanqun invested funds in many blue chip stocks, including Shanghai Commercial Bank, UnionPay Insurance, Xiangbao Finance, Hong Kong Semiconductor Corporation, Swire, Cathay Pacific, Hang Seng, China Coal, HSBC and Hutchison Whampoa, etc. Li Lu Yanqun once said that he didn’t know how to do business, so I gave the money to people who know how to do business.

Li Lu Yanqun now earns a lot of dividends and rent every year. How much wealth does Lilu Yanqun have? In fact, we can get a feel for Li Lu Yanqun’s daily life.

Liang Anqi previously wore an emerald jade worth 200 million yuan, which has attracted the attention of many people. However, Lilu Yanqun is even more powerful. She has an emperor green jade, which can be said to be a priceless treasure, with an estimated value of several hundred million. In addition, Li Lu Yanqun likes cheongsam very much. The cheongsam she usually wears is handmade by the teacher, using the best fabrics, and the craftsmanship is also very delicate. Each set is worth more than one million.

The key is that there are at least a few hundred sets of cheongsams like Li Lu Yanqun. Li Lu Yanqun not only likes to wear them, but also likes to collect cheongsams. She has collected many cheongsams made by masters.

Li Lu Yanqun is now retired, and her business is handed over to her granddaughter. When it comes to the Lijia where Lilu Yanqun is located, many people may not understand that their wealth can be said to be greatly underestimated. The father-in-law of Li Lu Yanqun, Li Hysan, is a legend in Hong Kong.

Li Hysan was actually born in the United States because his father went to the United States to pan for gold. Because Li Hysan was born in the United States, he could speak English since he was a child. Lee Hysan later returned to Hong Kong to study, when Lee Hysan was studying at the Imperial College in Hong Kong. This school can be said to be a very legendary school. Later, Stanley Ho and Fok Yingdong also graduated from here.

Lei Hysan stayed in school to teach after graduation, teaching English. Li Hysan later became a comprador of the foreign firm because he knew English. At that time, the biggest business between Huayang and Yangtze was smoke soil. Smoke soil is very profitable. As a result, Hysan later became Hong Kong’s largest tobacco soil trader and accumulated amazing wealth.

Lee Hysan also became the four richest people in Hong Kong at the time along with Stanley Ho’s grandfather He Dong. Just look at Du Yuesheng to see how wealthy Hysan was at that time. At that time, Du Yuesheng was the largest smoke and soil trader in Shanghai, and his Sanxin company’s annual profit was about 200 billion yuan today.

Lee Hysan was then the largest soot trader in the south. Hysan’s wealth is also amazing. Lei Hysan also knew that the tobacco industry would never make it to the top of the table, so he always wanted to develop it right. Lee Hysan continued to invest in other businesses in Hong Kong. Later, Lee Hysan bought a large piece of land in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong from Jardine Matheson, at a cost of more than 3 million yuan.

At that time, more than 3 million was an astronomical figure. When Lee Hysan was suddenly shot to death in the street when he was in his 40s, this case became an unsolved case and has not been solved yet. Lei Hysan left a last word long before his death, not allowing future generations to sell the land, but only allowing them to collect rent and make money.

After Lee Hysan’s death, his son Lee Hyo-wa inherited his assets. Later, the descendants of the Li family used the land purchased by Li Hysan to build buildings and collect rents. They have been rich for four or five generations.

In fact, Lijia’s assets are now spread all over the world, and it can be said that they are the real invisible richest family.

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