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Everyone in Sanya should be familiar with it. The average house price in Sanya is already 30,000, which is higher than that of many second-tier cities in the Mainland. Climate, temperature and environment all contribute to the popularity of Sanya’s property market. These factors are deeply affected by all The inland residents affected by smog and winter are huge temptations. However, the more realistic problem in Sanya is housing prices, which have been high. After all, you get what you pay for. In addition, prices in Sanya are a bit high, seafood is not cheap, and the cost of living is higher than in Haikou. Don’t think about the housing prices 5 years ago. You can accept that the houses in Sanya can be bought now. Housing prices will not rise suddenly, but it is impossible to fall sharply. Under the regulation of housing and housing, the housing prices in Hainan are rising steadily. Trending.

Here is a brief introduction to the basic situation and a few projects of several popular areas in Sanya for your reference.

Haitang District (Haitang Bay)

Haitang Bay can be regarded as the best overall environment in the five major resort bays in Sanya, but the price of Haitang Bay is also very high and scary, coupled with its special location, it is laughed by the tourism industry as “a place for the rich to escape the cold.” The water quality of Haitang Bay’s beaches is needless to say, but there is still a more realistic problem. Haitang Bay is far from Sanya city. In fact, the supporting facilities are not very complete at present, mainly because there are more hotels, so it is more suitable. Vacation.

Jiyang District

Jiyang District is the city center. Convenient transportation is essential. With various five-A-level office buildings, China Railway Property Plaza, Poly Central Plaza, CITIC Southern Airlines, etc. form the future Sanya CBD business district, Jiyang District is still very promising. At present, Jiyang District is a place where Sanya’s new real estate is relatively concentrated, and there are many projects to choose from. It is popular with buyers who just need homes and the price is moderate. Jiyang District is more suitable for self-occupied investment.

Tianya District (Hongtang Bay)

The main scenic spots in Tianya District are the Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area, named after the two huge rocks engraved with “Tianya” and “Haijiao” respectively, and the “Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area” inscribed by Mr. Guo Moruo. Tianya District is a prosperous area in Sanya, with transportation, The supporting facilities and planning are complete. Scenic spots such as the Coconut Dream Corridor and Sanya Bay are also located here, which are popular areas for home buyers, but there are not many options for real estate in this area, and the overall price is just high.

Yazhou District (Yazhou Bay)

In fact, there is another area in Sanya that is often overlooked and underestimated by us, that is, Yazhou Bay. Yazhou Bay belongs to Yazhou District, but now that Yazhou District has a key park, Yazhou has gradually entered the public’s perspective. Yazhou has also opened a high-speed rail station, 7 times a day, and the traffic is much more convenient. However, there are no particularly large-scale living facilities in Yazhou District, but there are general restaurants, furniture, and supermarkets, and basic living needs can be met. However, due to the relatively biased terrain, there are fewer new houses, but the prices are cheaper.


Located between Sanya’s Yulin Port and Luhuitou, Dadonghai is the first free-of-charge open scenic spot in Sanya. It has always been hot and crowded with tourists. In fact, many people like Dadonghai very much. On the one hand, the various supporting facilities are complete because of its early development. On the other hand, Dadonghai is simply a paradise with good quality and cheap prices. And among the several beaches in Sanya, the traffic in Dadonghai is the most convenient. There are many hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants of various consumption levels in the surrounding area, which can easily meet the needs of tourists for one-stop travel. So there are many groups who come here to buy houses.

Yalong Bay

Compared with Haitang Bay, this bay area is not so quiet, but it is more cost-effective, complete in infrastructure, closer to the center of Sanya, convenient to go everywhere, and there are more hotels, prices are lower, and it is more suitable for consumption. The general tourist group, because of this, the water quality environment of Yalong Bay is a bit worse than that of Haitang Bay, but after rectification in recent years, the water quality environment of Yalong Bay is also much better.

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