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In the past 10 months of 2021, Greentown has been active in the national land market. It has successively won 13 homes in Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Dalian and other cities, with a total investment of over 26 billion yuan and an estimated value of nearly 60 billion yuan.

After entering the 200 billion camp of real estate companies in 2019, Greentown in the new year still has not relaxed its pace.

As its base camp, the importance of Hangzhou is self-evident.

In the past year, Greentown’s performance in Hangzhou has also been remarkable, especially in October, which can be called the “Greentown Moon”. Wutong County, Yangliu County, Qinyuan, Guiyu Chaoyang, and Xiaofeng Yinyue, this Several projects attracted a third of the lottery families that month.

In 2021, Greentown will continue to dedicate good works to the city. Within the ten districts of Hangzhou, there are a total of 10 renewal properties and 5 new properties for sale, covering many types of properties such as high-rise, small high-rise, bungalows, villas, and Chinese courtyards.

Among the renewal properties, the most concerned are undoubtedly Lake Yunlu and Xiaofeng Yinyue.

Among them, Lake Yunlu just announced the sales plan a few days ago, and it will end soon.

Among the new projects, the four new products announced in January this year are undoubtedly the top priority.

Spring Moon Jinlu: A renewed work in the Greentown, mastered by masters

Spring is coming to Xiaoyuan: the core improvement works of the main city, the green city standard customization

Spring Breeze Sands: Greentown enters Qiantang New District for the first time, a new urban lakeside work

Ting Lan Xuan in Osmanthus Language: A sister chapter of Jiangnan in Osmanthus Language, another close encounter between Greentown and Olympic Sports

In addition, the Asian Games Village project and the newly won Dongxin project are also highly anticipated.

2021 is the 25th year of the birth of Greentown, from the Osmanthus City series, to French-style houses, to second-generation high-rise buildings, Chinese-style courtyards, original stacked villas, and so on. One classic after another, through the hands of Greentown, grows on the thick soil of Hangzhou.

In 2021, can it recreate the classics? let us wait and see.


2021 Greentown Hangzhou New Products
Spring Moon Jinlu

Address: Intersection of Yaodian Bridge Road and Shiqiao Road, Xiacheng District

Main unit type: high-rise 110-139 square meters, bungalows 150-165 square meters

Sales Update: “Jin” Life Aesthetics Museum will open on March 6th

Reporter’s comment

After the Orchid Garden and Fengqi Chaoming, Greentown is another brand new masterpiece in the city center, only 4 kilometers away from Wulin Square.

As far as the overall configuration is concerned, the Spring Moon Jinlu is no less convincing than Fengqi.

For example, the façade of the project adopts a super slim frame design, which reduces the outer frame of the building from the traditional 50-100 cm to 2-15 cm, realizing a larger window-to-wall ratio, and greatly increasing the daylighting surface. expand.

For example, it has the first WELL HEALTH healthy living system in Greentown. The so-called WELL is an internationally accepted building standard related to the health of occupants. From private living space to public space in the park, it is equipped with a healthy living system in all directions.

The initial unit size of the project is 110 square meters, which is somewhat lower than the 140 square meters in Fengqi Chaoming, which is relatively close to the people.

The Spring Moon Jinlu project is expected to open in March. If you are interested, you can scan the QR code to enter the group and provide online services for exclusive property consultants.

Spring Comes Xiaoyuan

Address: Intersection of Desheng Road and Caiyang Road, Jianggan District

Main units: 98-139㎡ for small high-rise buildings, 140-160㎡ for bungalows

Sales News: Zhixiao Aesthetic Life Museum is about to open, and the project is expected to open in April

Reporter’s comment

Greentown, which hadn’t appeared in the east of the city for a long time, finally returned.

The total volume of the project is about 200,000 square meters, which is the largest among all the new buildings in the east of the city. At the same time, the floor area ratio of 2.0 allows the project to create a garden landscape of nearly 50,000 square meters between 15 small high-rise buildings and 8 bungalows. We arrived at the “Xixi Chengyuan” in the east of the city.

The facade of the second-generation high-rise building in the Gui language system, multi-dimensional interactive modern landscape, infinity mirror swimming pool, replica of the social square hall of the Qinyuan bungalow…

Look forward to Greentown bringing a better living experience to the east of the city.

It is more close to the people than Chunyue Jinlu. The small high-rise area of ​​Chunlai Xiaoyuan starts from 98 square meters, and the main units are 130 square meters and 139 square meters.

Spring Breeze Sands

Address: Intersection of Tiancheng East Road and Haida South Road, Qiantang New District

Main unit type: 105-165㎡

Sales Update: The Living Hall is expected to open in July

Reporter’s comment

Greentown’s first entry into Qiantang New District.

The location of the project is superior, which can be called the core of Jinshahu CBD, only 580 meters away from Jinshahu Station of Metro Line 1.

On the second day of the acquisition of the land, Song Weiping asked to be a benchmark and product innovation pilot, and named the GOA design president to personally take charge of the design. At the same time, he invited the world-renowned design company BF to create an aesthetic life with a team from Jiangnanli and Fengqi Chaoming. Pavilion.

Different from the previous Greentown projects, Spring Breeze Sands fully builds and integrates the “community and city interface”, and uses a multi-city complex of “about 160,000 square meters of community + about 4,000 square meters of commerce” to support urbanization of communities and urban resource communities. change.

As the first double-limited project in Greentown, the price of Spring Breeze Sands has no suspense, and the hardcover limit price is not higher than 37,500 yuan/㎡. In terms of its location and the configuration of the project, this price still has a certain price-performance ratio.

Ting Lan Xuan in Osmanthus

Address: Intersection of Xingyi Road and Qidi Road, Xiaoshan District

Main unit type: high-rise 103-139㎡, stacked villa 178-228㎡

Sales dynamics: the first high-level is expected to open in mid-April

Reporter’s comment

The sister works of Guiyu Jiangnan, Greentown and Olympic Sports once again close contact.

The minimum area of ​​the high-rise building is 103 square meters, which is the smallest unit in Greentown that can be bought in Jiangnan so far.

The configuration of the park is highly unified with that of the Gui language family, and the standard configuration such as infinity pool and overhead floor still exists.

In addition, the project has carried out a more comprehensive product renewal of the five spatial scenes of the original villa in the Greentown Guiyu Department.

Double porch design on the basement and first floor, shared large kitchen, one-stop wardrobe for the elderly·····

With flexible storage solutions to meet different needs.

Dongxin Project

Address: Intersection of Shenjia Road and Changbang Road, Xiacheng District

Main unit type: high-rise, unit type to be determined

Sales News: To be determined

Reporter’s comment

After the Spring Moon Jinlu, Greentown settled down again in Xiacheng District.

The project is located at the core of Wulin New City, less than 1 km from Xintiandi in a straight line, and within 5 km from Wulin Square and Leti Port.

The transportation is also very convenient, 800 meters away from Dongxin East Road Station of Metro Line 3 and 4.

Like Chunfeng Sands, the Dongxin project is also a double-limit project, with an average price of 47,000 yuan/㎡ for the hardcover. Compared with the surrounding second-hand houses, the price is still slightly higher, and it is expected that Greentown can become a benchmark in the sector.

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