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Leju Buying News Daily real estate news, a fresh report on the latest real estate prices and discounts for you in Dongguan. The following is a list of the latest quotations on October 14:

Property name: Humen Xiyue Club

Average selling price: about 18,000 yuan /㎡

Latest news: Humen · Xiyue Club 18,000 yuan / square meter. The greening rate is 25%. The main units are 43 square meters-86 square meters, 1 bedroom-3 bedrooms. The project is a high-rise, super high-rise tower. Building 1, No. 120, Changde Road, Jinzhou Community.

Property name: Shimao | Kaisa · Brilliant Times

Average selling price: about 34500 yuan /㎡

Latest news: Shimao|Kaisa·Bright Times’ construction area for sale is about 99-143 square meters of bungalows, non-rough delivery, the average price is 34,500 yuan/square meter, a total of 18 residential buildings are planned, 1-12 are small high-rise residential buildings with 11 floors. Four of them are commercial buildings. Buildings 13-19 are high-rise residential buildings with 25-27 floors, of which 14 are commercial buildings. The planned construction area of ​​the project is 99-121 square meters three to four-bedroom high-rise residential buildings, and 105-143 square meters three- to four-bedroom small high-rise residential buildings.

Property name: Binhai Xiyue Mansion

Average selling price: about 33,000 yuan /㎡

Latest news: The Binhai Xiyue Mansion Project is located 50 meters northeast of the Kaman Center in Humen (South of Renmin North Road). The main unit of the project is 88-112㎡ with 3 bedrooms. It has been opened, non-delivery, and the average price is 33,000 yuan/㎡.

Property name: Zhongzhu Binhai Central

Average selling price: about 38680 yuan /㎡

Latest news: Zhongzhu Binhai Central 35,000 yuan / square meter. The greening rate is 25%. A total of 688 households. 1# is expected to be delivered at the end of June 2022. Units on sale are: 79 square meters-98 square meters with 3 bedrooms.

The Zhongzhu Binhai Central Project has a total of 3 buildings, a total of 3 high-rise residential buildings, 1-2 buildings with 33 floors, and 3 buildings with 21 floors. Floor area ratio 4.5. Property fee: 3 yuan /㎡·month. The project is a combination of high-rise and super-high-rise plates and towers.

Property name: Poly Time Zone

Average selling price: about 38,000 yuan /㎡

Latest news: Poly Time Zone opened on August 28. The first high-rise residential buildings of 1# and 8# were launched, with a total of 452 units, with a floor area of ​​96-114 square meters, three to four bedrooms, and the rough delivery, with an average price of 38,000 yuan per square meter.

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