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At present, are real estates in cities such as Yanjiao and Gu’an around Beijing worth investing in?

The area around Beijing looks large, but there are not many real estate investment areas. They mainly refer to Huailai County in Zhangjiakou, Gu’an County in Langfang, and Beisan County in Langfang, namely Xianghe, Dachang and Sanhe. Among them, Sanhe Yanjiao Town in the county is the most famous.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration

As we all know, the concept of Huailai County is mainly the Beijing Winter Olympics, the concept of Gu’an is mainly Beijing Daxing International Airport, and the concept of Beisan County is mainly the move of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and City Government to Tongzhou District, plus the integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Brings room for imagination.

The concepts of these three regions may be different, but the underlying logic behind them is basically the same, that is, Beijing implements a very strict property market control policy, which makes many people lose the qualification to buy real estate in Beijing, and these buying groups overflow When buying real estate around Beijing, there are also some people who already own real estate in Beijing, but they have some excess funds in their hands. In order to pursue capital gains, seeing the rising housing prices around Beijing, they invest in buying real estate around Beijing. As a result, the house price has been continuously pushed up. When the house price reached its highest, it reached about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan. This price has far exceeded the purchasing power of the local permanent population. This super-high house price is obviously mainly caused by speculation and investment. The bubble is quite large.

Beijing implements strict property market control policies, which makes many people lose the qualifications to buy real estate in Beijing and spill over to buy real estate around Beijing, such as Yanjiao

However, with the continuous advancement of the national real estate market regulation and control policies in 2016, Beisan County, Gu’an and other places around Beijing also implemented the housing market regulation and control policies. House prices in these areas have generally fallen sharply, and the magnitude of the decline is It is among the largest in the country.

Property market regulation, house price fluctuations

What is the current trend of housing prices around Beijing? In my opinion, it mainly depends on whether the real estate purchase restriction policies in Gu’an and Beisan counties around Beijing will be loosened or cancelled. If the property market regulation policy is not lifted, the local industrial structure and people’s income level will The housing prices and transaction volume of the real estate market are unlikely to show signs of a substantial recovery, because the current housing prices are too far apart from the disposable income of the local people.

If the property market control policies are cancelled in various ways or exist in name only, the housing prices in the cities and counties surrounding Beijing may bring a new wave of housing prices.

If the property market control policies are cancelled in various ways, the housing prices of cities and counties around Beijing may usher in a new round of increases.

If we take a more long-term perspective to look at the housing price trends in various cities and counties around Beijing, such as 10 or 20 years, because Beijing’s housing prices remain high, many people who work, study, and live in Beijing cannot afford Beijing. It is possible to buy a house in the surrounding cities and counties of Beijing. From this perspective, the real estate around Beijing still has a certain investment value, but the time cost is very long. For speculative house buyers Said, I do not recommend investing in real estate here, because there is a risk of real estate liquidity and real estate prices falling.

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