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Steel structure building
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Steel structure house is now a more popular form of housing construction, but buyers do not know much about steel structure houses, so what are the advantages of steel structure buildings?

  1. The overall cost is low, and the stable supply of steel causes little price fluctuations. Walls with thin-walled light steel structures can maintain excellent flatness. This also means that the wall will not rebound or shrink and crack when you are nailing the nails. Because the material can be cut to the required length in advance, waste is reduced to a great extent. In addition, the side material of steel can also be sold, which greatly reduces waste.
  2. Without destroying forest resources, the light steel structure house originated in the United States. Its background is the destruction of forests caused by the transition of tree felling, and the problem of global environmental degradation has become the focus of global attention. In this situation where the world is advocating the protection of forests, this technology was jointly developed by 13 American companies and quickly popularized in the United States. Due to its environmental protection, reasonable design, fast completion speed, and excellent seismic performance, it was built in Japan after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 and has become increasingly popular.
  3. It is clean and environmentally friendly and does not produce harmful substances. The materials used are 100% steel. The parts are connected with screws and nails, and no welding or adhesives are used. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the harm to the human body caused by the use of medicines in the construction process. The construction site will not produce a large amount of dust and noise that will cause pollution to the surrounding environment.
  1. The construction is fast, the steel structure is easy to manufacture, easy to adopt industrial production, the construction and installation period is short, the steel structure is composed of various profiles, and the construction is very simple.
  2. Anti-insect, anti-seismic, anti-storm, strong characteristics, the steel is a non-combustible material, and is protected by deep galvanizing, can prevent corrosion and termite damage, and can automatically repair the damage of the coating.
  3. The thermal insulation system has excellent performance and can save up to 70% of energy compared with ordinary brick-concrete buildings.
  1. It can be recycled, and light steel structure houses make full use of the superior characteristics of steel, which is in line with the mainstream of today’s building materials selection. Because thin-walled light steel structure buildings use steel, they will not age due to the loss of time. In addition, 100% of the waste steel can be recycled. At the same time, thin-walled light steel structure buildings can also use recycled steel. In the United States Every 5 to 6 scrap cars can build a house of 180 square meters.
  2. It saves labor, and the light steel structure residence is similar to the wood structure. In the summer of the same building requirements, the labor time and cost of skilled workers with thin-walled light steel structures are much lower than those of wooden structures. The thin-walled light steel structure profiles are mass-produced in the factory. The skeleton can be assembled in the factory and installed on the construction site. Only 1 on-site guidance and 7 workers are needed to complete the construction of the skeleton of a house.

Precautions for steel structure attic construction

  1. It is not recommended to use hollow steel such as square steel and tube steel, because it is difficult to paint anti-rust paint inside the steel, the temperature changes in the north, and the rust of the steel condensed water will pollute the ceiling and wall, and seriously endanger safety.
  2. Before fixing the channel steel, the side of the channel steel against the wall should be painted with anti-rust paint, but the other parts should be painted after the welding is completed, otherwise it will affect the welding work.
  3. For the purchase of steel (channel steel, I-beam), generally we have 10, 12, 14, 16 specifications to choose from. No matter which specification you choose, it is recommended to use “national standard” steel, because its steel quality and specifications are better than “non-standard steel”. Non-standard steel has high hardness, brittle steel, poor ductility, and is not easy to cut and drill.
  1. Regarding the introduction of bolts, the two commonly used bolts are “expansion bolts” and “chemical bolts”. The characteristics are different, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The “expansion bolt” is a physical connection, and the inner wall (beam) is supported by the iron sheet for fixing. “Chemical bolts” rely on the chemical reaction of chemical agents and concrete to set the bolts to fix. Chemical bolts are stronger, but they have fatal weaknesses and are not resistant to high temperatures, so even if they choose to use them, they must be used after the welding work is completed. Expansion bolts are relatively shock-resistant.
  2. I-beam and channel steel must be of the same specification, and “full welding” must be selected. The main keel should be whole steel, and intermediate welding is strictly prohibited. “Three-piece suit”-gloves, glasses, masks. The expansion screw is of lengthened type. It is not that the larger the steel, the better, the self-weight problem should be considered.

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